01 You`re a sexy thief
02 Welcome to Police Station
03 Watch the little troublesome devil
04 Paris like Agressor
05 Night Flying with dangerous parfume
06 Feel like in love a little bit
07 Splendid love message
08 Disdand Dodochino
09 Bizarre Track, Thief chases Police
10 Do you like dog foot
11 American dangerous temptation
12 European Gorgeous Temptation
13 My love don`t go
14 Cleopatra Ransom
15 Bodysuit Flying at night
16 Monday is Smiling Day
17 Bullets suit Death Best
18 No Way to Run
19 Only Say Good Night to You
20 Lovers` Holiday
21 Wanting to see you again
22 Visitor of snowing day
23 Winter is the warm sun of love
24 Santa Cross from the sky                 
25 12 tolls of the bell
26 Love from Luna Island
27 Luna Island Hanging on an thread
28 Lost memory
29 The Magnifisent show 
30 The death smell at the Health club
31 Starting from the kiss
32 Museum fulled with danger 
33 The goal is to propose
34 Did you see Heintz? 
35 The Exposure of Cat`s Eye`s Secret 
36 The Man Who Knows Heintz 
37 ???????
38 Midnight Dance of Wetness
39 Ransom of Angels
40 The tension in the dark
41 Hunter with a badge
42 The stolen "I love you"
43 Happiness of Life
44 Magnificent Trap
45 The Rhapsody of Love
46 The most dangerous game
47 Weird things at midnight of Winter
48 The gift is father`s wine
49 Osaka Bay Blues
50 Give you the tears of star51 Fake Wedding
52 Watch out the sweet Allure
53 Farewell, Winter Seagull
54 The Woman Chief Loves
55 Inunari Station Trio
56 Transfered Student is Attractive
57 A Requiem for Villains
58 Toshio falls in Love with a Vanity Woman
59 Sudden Love
60 Hot All Fools Day
61 Sudden Urgent Duty
62 Intermission of Love
63 Don`t cry, Inunari trio
64 Farewell, Mothers
65 Cheers to the Elder                               

66 Dancing in the Starry Night
67 The beauty of leotard
68 Got carried away for Hitomi
69 Heart breaks for Cat`s Eye
70 Love sent through south cross star
71 Your true face is a profile
72 ??????????
73 Take a call of love



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